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Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art that focuses on the energy of your opponent. Aikido does not use strength, or the high kicks and punches of many other Martial Arts, in fact, if you try to, the technique will fail! because of this it can be practiced by men and women of all ages.


Aikido will develop your fitness and mental well being through being in harmony with your opponent and surroundings, it is also a very effective and sneaky self defence!

Students of all abilities can train in our Dojo. Beginners are especially warmly welcomed.We encourage other Dojos and martial arts to come along and try the Yoshinkan Style of Aikido.


Rickmansworth Aikido Club




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Andy Squires Sensei - 3rd Dan
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Mike Abel Sensei - 2nd Dan.
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Diane Hill Sensei - 1st Dan.
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Grading Video
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