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Week 1
Introduction, demonstration of easy jiyu-waza (freestyle) techniques. Students have a go with experienced uke to throw.
Overview of course, shown complete kihon dosa (basic movements). Shown relationship between kihon waza (basic techniques), techniques/self defence grip release, nikkajo, shihonage
Seiza, Rei

Week 2
Kamae, unbendable arm, arm cutting action, posture centre line
Hiriki no yosei ichi, with partner across mat raise and strike
Grip release through thumb (refresh) double handed
Body line elbow
Katamochi kokyunage (with experienced uke)
Kamae. seiza, Rei

Week 3
Kamae, Hiriki no yosei ichi revise
Hiriki no yosei ni. Related techniques. Yonkajo exercise. Kotegaeshi wrist movement.
Breakfalls, mat slapping, rolls intro
Standing Rei. Revise kamae, Seiza.

Week 4
Kamae, Hiriki 1,2 revise
Tai no henko 1, related techniques/applications sokumen, headlock
Release/sokumen from double handed lapel grab
Rear rolling
Sword kamae

Week 5
Kamae, Hiriki 1,2 and Tai no henko 1 revise
Tai no henko 2, related techniques. Hijiate 2, kokyu-nage 2, knife/punch block, hiji osae, hiji shime 2
Yokomen inside turn block and related techniques
Zempo kaiten ukemi

Week 6
Kamae. Hiriki 1,2 Tai no henko 1,2 revise
Shumatsu dosa 1. Related techniques, basis of Ikkajo Yokomen block 2

Week 7
Kamae. Shumatsu 1 revise
Shumatsu 2, Related techniques
All kihon dosa

Week 8
Kamae, shumatsu 1,2 revise
Kihon dosa
Ikkajo, Nikkajo, Sankajo, Yonkajo, hijishime 1
Shihoko / breakfalls

Week 9
Kihon dosa revise
Breakfall / shikoho warm up
Ikkajo, Nikkajo, Yonkajo, Hijishime 2

Week 10
Revise grade and play